So You Want to Write a Sports Blog, Do You?

Unless you are living under the proverbial rock than you are well aware of the power of the Internet and it’s content. Not only is the Internet continuing to expand and rapidly grow in popularity and daily use, but the demand for Internet content is also booming. You can get in on that action.

Yeah I am just some poor schlep, regular Joe, common dude, or whatever cliche moniker I deserve. But I am also a passionate Phillies fan who has a working knowledge about baseball and the Philadelphia Phillies. “So what?” you say.

I guess I deserve a “so what?” at this point but let me continue. After years of talking the ears off of family, friends, associates, complete strangers, freakish people, every day people, hungry people, boring people, vitamin C deficient coal minors, and the like people have been screaming for me to do a blog.

Normally I ignore people and their screaming but as I have become acquainted with this World Wide Web thing, I am on board. I’m loving it too! I would marry it if I could. And something tells me that there is probably someone who has tried to do that. Anyhow I digress.

Frankly the Internet is saturated with sports blogs. So what made me think I could add something new? The fact is that is lesson number 1. Don’t worry about the number of blogs there are. The fact is you are not targeting every human being on line.

For starters, sports, like most blogs is part of what is called a niche. So right off the bat you know who you are targeting. And it can be even more topic specific. You have sports, but then you have baseball, football, basketball, and on and on.

For example my blog is about baseball and more specifically about the Philadelphia Phillies. Naturally my target audience is clearly laid out as a result. So how then do you make your blog stand out in your niche?

You try and find a different angle of focus than the existing blogs if it is a common niche. For instance my Phillies blog is not just a blog about Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmie Rollins, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and the host of other wonderful Phillies players. It is not just about games, wins/losses, moves, and rumors. My blog is aimed at including all the things that go into running a MLB franchise. It will also delve into the business around a MLB franchise.

As the blog develops and matures, I will be sharing discussions and interviews regarding marketing, ballpark operations, sales, sponsorships, advertising, travel issues, scheduling, promotions, fandom, the media, merchandising, and on and on. It will look at these aspects from a fan’s point of view as well as the point of view of each arena being discussed.

This is just my vision. In writing your sports blog, you can take different direction. Perhaps you want to write a Tennis blog. You can focus on global tennis or the tennis in your country, region, or local community. You can highlight players, skills, equipment. or technique. Be innovative about it.

Maybe you want to write a football blog. You can focus on the NFL, your team, fantasy football, or any other football related topic. Or you can mix it all together. Again create your own vision.

The overall point is to have in mind who you are targeting as a reader. Think of it like a musical artist. With few exceptions, musical artists put out a CD based on a genre. Of course there is some variety but in general you are a pop artist, or a rap artist, or a rock artist, or a jazz artist, and so on. Thus your producer will monitor your music and try to make sure you stay within a genre.And like you and your sports blog, a musical artist will only concern themselves with their music. They will not worry about the ten’s of thousands of other musical artists.

So the bottom line is, pick a niche, a focused agenda, and stick to it. Control the things you can control. Be yourself and try and keep it current and fresh. And never give up. Others will but you won’t. And remember the Internet is always craving content

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Top 10 Sports Blogs of 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, the curtain comes down on an enthralling year of sports action. There were several delightful stories to tell, and picking the top 10 was hard. But I finally managed to rustle up this list of top 10 sports blogs for 2010:

1. Cricket Score LIVE | LIVE Scorecard | Ball by Ball Commentary: Review of Top 10 Websites

This is a compilation of the TOP 10 websites on the Internet which specialise in the LIVE update service. I am certain your search for websites providing authentic LIVE score updates, Ball by Ball commentary, Statistics and Scoreboards will end here – this is the mother of all lists!

2. Video: Graeme Swann’s Ball of the Century

When Graeme Swann clean bowled Pakistan opener Imran Farhat in the second innings of the second test at Edgbaston, little did he realize that he had just bowled what would be considered the ball of the century…

3. Who Will Win English Premier League 2010-11?

Everyone wants to know the answer to this question. This blog has tried to answer it for you…

4. Video: Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova, the Romantic Tennis Couple

There have many tennis couples, such as Steffi Graf and Agassi, and Evert and Connors, but no other pairing has captured the romantic imagination of tennis fans, as Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova have done…

5. Horse Racing: Totesport Cambridgeshire Preview

On October 2nd, a lot of punters will head to the Cambridgeshire race meeting at Newmarket, which features the totesport Cambridgeshire, which is among the most famous handicaps, run in Britain. Over 30 horses will run in this event that was famously won last year by Supaseus, in a photo finish. Supaseus was ridden by jockey Travis Block…

6. FIFA World Cup 2010: Jambulani Ball Tops Memories

What are your abiding memories of the world cup, other than the players and teams? The following ten are the easiest to recall off the top of my mind…

7. English Premier League (EPL): Live Football Score & Commentary

The English Premier League began on August 14, and football fans who follow the EPL religiously who are anxious to know where they can get live football scores and commentary on the Internet need look no farther..

8. ICC World Cup 2011: The Indian Team Probables

The ICC ODI World Cup will begin on February 2011, when cricketing giants, India and Bangladesh will face off at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium at Mirpur, in Bangladesh. In this first of a series of articles on this greatest of sporting events on the Indian sub-continent, here’s a list 23 of players who should comprise the Indian team probables for the world cup…

9. Boxing Video: Amir Khan Beats Malignaggi

Amir Khan is due to meet Marcos Maidana at Las Vegas on Saturday night, to defend his WBA World Welterweight Boxing crown. Khan thrashed Paulie Malignaggi in May this year. Here’s the video of the fight for the benefit of boxing fans…

10. Did Commonwealth Games Bring Indian Hockey Back On Track?

Those who follow Indian sports might be surprised to learn that India’s national game is not cricket, but hockey. And till about 30 years ago, the evidence was there for all to see. Thereafter, the decline was steep. Hockey got Europeanized – the use of artificial turf made it a much faster game, effectively shifting the emphasis from stick-work and artistry to speed and passing. In other words, fitness took precedence over skill…

Hope you enjoyed this list. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year and looking forward to telling you many more stories!

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